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Meet Tim

  • I believe in civility and respect for all.

  • We must have a moral compass. Life is worth saving and abortions should not be used for birth control.

  • I am a passionate defender of the Second Amendment and will work to ensure your rights are not infringed.

  • Education is our future. I believe in supporting all forms of education that produce results. This includes vocational and technical education.

  • Government is too big and too intrusive. I don’t believe our founders intended for government to be run by career politicians. Every form of bureaucracy, from top to bottom, should be trimmed or eliminated where possible.

  • Taxation must be accompanied by accountability. I will make every effort to see that our money is used responsibly.

  • As a career fire fighter, I am a strong advocate for public safety. I will work to support law enforcement, fire protection, and emergency management services.

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PO Box 544 | Boonville, MO 65233

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